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Welcome to Trademart, your go-to online retailer since 2023. Our diverse product range includes groceries, electronics, beauty products, and more. We prioritize quality by sourcing from leading Nigerian brands.

At Trademart, our mission is simple: “Save more. Live better.” We deliver top-notch products in 30 minutes or less, saving you time, money, and energy. Our user-friendly website ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Join us in redefining online retail in Nigeria. Shop Trademart today and experience the perfect blend of quality and convenience. Save more. Live better with Trademart!

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Company History Timeline
Founded in 2018
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The World Wide Web is Created (2018)
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First Purchase (2019)
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Online shopping totals over $1mn (2020)
Customize the design of your shop from over thousands of themes. No design experience or programming skills required.
Online shopping totals over $100mn
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Executive Leadership

Here is the team at the helm of the ship

Thomas Reece
Oscar Byrne
Co-Founder & Managing Director
David Evans
Development Manager
Jessica Smith
Customer Service Manager

Board members

We’re lucky to be supported by some of the best investors in the world

Julian Wan
Head of UX at Google
Austin Distel
Founder and CEO, Datadog
Harps Joseph
Former Agile Coach at Spotify
Kenzie Kraft
Former Design Partner at GE
Fred Moon
Former CTO GoPro
Karen Smith
Founder and CTO, DBA
Sinitta Leunen
Former CFO, Atlassian
Ben Parker
Former CTO Dropbox
Brooke Cagle
Former CTO Adobe

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